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Payday Loans

Compare and get payday loans right now

If you need financing very urgently and you do not know what to do, you can evaluate the option of hiring mini loans at a specific moment to get out of the way. Discover here everything you need to know before applying for mini credits now and make sure you get the best offer through our online comparator in minutes

So are the mini credits right now

The mini credits right now are better known, have been consolidated and have achieved success in the financial market because they allow us to obtain amounts of money that do not usually exceed 1,200 euros, in a few minutes, with a quick request, with little paperwork and through from Internet. And above all, because they have been one of the few possibilities of obtaining financing during the years of the crisis.

The repayment period usually does not exceed 30 days and have an average cost of 1.1% per day, that is, for every 100 euros requested, we will pay 33 euros of interest. In total, we will return to the credit company 133 euros in a single payment, which will be composed of the principal plus interest.

Although this financial model is not intended for a specific purpose, the truth is that the mini-credits have been created to solve small incidentals, which can unbalance our economy and, in no case, as a usual and recurring source of funding. Since the abuse in the hiring of this type of credits can cause that we enter in a spiral of debts, of which it is difficult to leave.

Speed is the main differentiating feature of mini loans now. However, the characteristics that have led to the success of mini-credits are many others. For example, we know that is not a prerequisite to have a payroll since v Aldra to show that we have a regular source of income with which to repay the loan mini now. These are some examples of valid income in most cases: the income of the self-employed, the tenants of a property, pensioners or people who receive an unemployment benefit, people with scholarships.

How can I get mini-credits right now?

Payday loans via are now characterized by their speed at the time of requesting them and granting them to us. These loans allow us to get up to 1,200 euros in a matter of minutes since we delivered the contract and the lender validates our request. However, although the entities carry out the transfer of funds instantly, sometimes the money may take up to two business days to reach our current account, that is, up to 48 hours.

This is because, although the transfers between accounts of the same entity are at the moment, the transfers between accounts of different banks are not immediate and, as the mini-credit entities do not work with all the banks, if our current account does not match the bank that the lender works with, the money will take longer to arrive, specifically up to 2 business days.

We must also bear in mind that most companies do not work during holidays / non-working days, so if we want to dispose of the money as soon as possible, it is recommended that we request the urgent mini credit at the time and day in the one that we know that the lender works.

Where can I request a quick mini credit?

Mini fast loans are a relatively new product that is marketed by private lenders. These companies, although they have something more of history in other countries, in ours are newer but have been welcomed with great acceptance, since the business model has generated a major change in the world of finance. The online world and new technologies have been key factors for the expansion and growth of private lenders with which we can get a mini credit now without moving from home.

Before the financial crisis that began in 2007, anyone who wanted to apply for financing was virtually forced to go to a bank. This increased the time in obtaining funding since it meant carrying out the contribution of a large number of papers, going to the office on several occasions and as a consequence making several trips. In this way, the concession of money was delayed a lot. For what it would be very difficult to get it with brevity. However, with the arrival of private equity lenders and the inclusion of new technologies in the services (fintech) and processes of banking entities, the situation has changed and everything has been modernized to offer the best conditions and services.

Thanks to these advances, nowadays we have the possibility of getting mini credits now of up to 1,200 euros (provided that we are former clients). In addition, to hire it we only need a device with an Internet connection. The vast majority allow us to request a quick mini loan from the sofa at home or anywhere if we wish, and the application process is the fastest in the case of most entities.

Basic requirements to get credit instantly

Although mini-credits are instantly characterized by the few conditions we must meet to approve our application, it is necessary to meet a minimum of requirements if we want to be granted the money. Generally, most lenders agree that we comply with the following:

  • Being of legal age, although the age of majority is set at 18, some companies require a minimum of 21 or 25 years.
  • Do not have outstanding debts or appear in files of defaults such as ASNEF or RAI, although some private equity companies do grant financing to people who are in situations of delinquency.
  • Enjoy a regular, sufficient and justifiable source of income that allows us to repay the mini-credits without problems and that is within the limits of income demanded by each lender.
  • Reside permanently in Spain and have an identity document that certifies (DNI or NIE). Therefore, the nationality of the client does not affect the place of residence, since if he does not live in Spain he will not be able to access the credits of companies and entities of the country.

Fulfilling these requirements, we will not have any problem in getting the mini credit we need. However, it is recommended that we first inform ourselves about what demands will be asked by each lender and make sure that we comply with all of them, otherwise we could lose time in requests that will be rejected.

Can I get mini credits now while at ASNEF?

For people who appear in files of defaulters, the possibilities of obtaining financing are much smaller, since financial institutions do not usually lend money to clients with this profile (banks never grant loans to people who appear in files of defaulters ). However, thanks to the arrival of private lenders, there are already several companies that can lend us money, even if we appear in lists of defaults such as ASNEF, RAI or EXPERIAN.

Most of the private capital companies with which we can get mini credits now will reject the requests for financing that we make them have defaults, although there are several that will grant us mini credits with ASNEF, as long as we comply with the following additional requirements to the general conditions:

  • That the debt for which we were registered does not exceed the limit established by the lender (debts of up to 200, 500, 1,000 or 2,000 euros depending on the entity to which we go).
  • That it is not related to a financial institution, that is, that the non-payment is not related to any product offered by a bank, such as a credit card, a loan, personnel, etc.

If we do not meet one or both of these conditions, it will not be possible to get quick mini-credits with ASNEF and our only option will be to pay off the debt to disappear from the file and then get financing. Another option is to resort to home equity loans, but we must have a homeowner’s property to present as collateral or a mortgage nearing completion and we risk losing our home and all of our assets, if we can not afford to repay the loan. capital on the established date.